Machine Cutting Oil

Machine Cutting Oil

Machine cutting oilis a type of lubricant used in metal working operations to improve tool life and reduce cutting forces, friction, and heat generation. It is specially formulated to provide a barrier between the cutting tool and work-piece.

There by reducing wear and tear on both.

Lithium cutting Grease

Cutting Oils can also improve surface finish, reduce smoke and fumes.

They are commonly used in drilling, tapping, sawing, turning, milling, and grinding operations.

Cutting oil is a specialized lubricant used in metalworking operations to improve the performance and lifespan of cutting tools.

Types of machine cutting oil

  1. Soluble Oils: These are water-soluble oils that are mixed with water to form an emulsion.

  2. They are commonly used for light-duty operations and provide good cooling and lubrication properties.

  3. Semi-Synthetic Oils: These oils are a blend of mineral oil and synthetic components. Because, it providing improved performance. and longer tool life compared to mineral oils.

  4. Synthetic Oils: These are highly refined, synthetic oils that offer superior performance, high heat resistance, and extended tool life. They are often used in heavy-duty, high-temperature operations.

  5. Neat Oils: These are straight oils, used undiluted for specific applications such as honing, grinding, and lapping.

  6. Bio-Based Oils: These oils are made from renewable resources, offering a more environmentally friendly. 

The type of cutting oil to be used depends on the type of metal being cut, the cutting process. And the desired performance and environmental impact.

cutting fluid
cutting oil

Uses cutting Oil

Machine-cutting oil has several uses, including:

  1. Lubrication: Cutting oils provide a barrier between the cutting tool and workpiece, reducing friction and wear on both.

  2. Cooling: The oil helps to dissipate heat generated during cutting, reducing the risk of thermal damage to the tool and workpiece.

  3. Surface Finish Improvement: Cutting oils can improve the surface finish of the machined part by reducing friction. And carrying away chips and debris.

  4. Tool Life Enhancement: By reducing friction and wear, cutting oils can extend the life of cutting tools and reduce the need for frequent tool replacement.

  5. Chip Removal: Cutting oils help to remove chips from the cutting zone, reducing the risk of tool breakage and improving overall cutting performance.

  6. Fume and Smoke Reduction: Cutting oils can reduce the amount of smoke and fumes generated during cutting, providing a safer and more pleasant working environment.

  7. Environmental Benefits: Some cutting oils, such as bio-based oils, are made from renewable resources, providing a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based oils..

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Motor Oil

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