Fucsh Oil Lubricant

The FUCHS Oil Lubricant stands for performance and sustainability, for safety and reliability, for efficiency and cost savings.

Fuchs Oil Lubricant is a high-quality, shear-stable, multi-grade engine oil for use in a wide range of passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles.

Fuchs Oil Lubricant


This Oil is pure mineral hydrocarbon oil, especially refined and blended with selected base oils having properties of insulating coils of transformers.

Fucsh Oil Lubricant
Fucsh Oil Lubricant

Types Of Fucsh Oil Lubricant

Heat Transfer Oil

Gear Oil

Engine Oil

Machine Cutting Oil

Compressed Oil

Refrigenerator oil

Gear Oil


HEAT TRANSFER FLUId is designed for closed-circuit and pressure-less heat transfer systems. It is based on a careful blend of highly refined oils.

Fuchs Oil Lubricant

 Gear Oil is a leading player in the field of power transmission engineering and its product range covers all industrial gear oil applications and performance .

Fuchs Oil Lubricant

 Mineral motor oil is the fraction of naturally occurring crude oil with the right properties for lubricating engines.

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